The northern regions of Pakistan are said to be the country’s heavenly areas. These places are endowed with a significant number of high mountains on the planet. If you intend to visit these gorgeous destinations, you should be aware of all the prerequisites for staying there. In this article, we will break down all of the Pakistan Tour Cost associated with a journey to Pakistan’s northern regions.

To make it easier we have created our blog into 3 parts.

  • Cost of Hoteling
  • Cost of Transportation
  • Cost of Food

These 3 are the major tour expenses when you are on a Pakistan Tour.

Pakistan Tour Cost for Hoteling

For those who desire to see the natural beauty of Pakistan’s northern areas, several travel companies provide a variety of packages. The offered amenities and services determine their packages. Travel packages include lodging, meals, entertainment, and boat rides. However, the expenses per person per night stay are as follows to help you get an idea:

Shogran  5000-10000 PKR ($50)

Neelum Valley  7000-12,000 PKR ($80)

Nathiagali  8,000-20,000 PKR ($50-120)

Naran Kaghan  8000-20000 PKR ($80)

Swat Valley   6000 – 15,000 PKR ($70)

Kumrat Valley  7,000- 15,000 PKR ($80)

Skardu   6500-22,000 PKR ($100)

Fairy meadows   7000 -22500 PKR ($120)

Hunza  6000-15,500 PKR ($100)

Kalam valley   5500 – 16,000 PKR ($70)

Azad Kashmir  7000-10,000 PKR ($50)

Pakistan Tour Cost – Transportation

Flight Charges from Karachi and Islamabad

If you book a ticket from Karachi to Hunza for 6 days and 5 nights, you may expect to pay between 25,000 PKR and 55,000 PKR ($150-$300) per person, depending on the quality and services of the airline you choose. If you go from Islamabad, the rates would be lower, ranging from 25,000 PKR to 40,000 PKR ($100-200)per person, depending on your travel dates.

Bus Charges from Karachi and Islamabad

Many busses leaves for these tour destinations and the average cost of travelling to northern Areas of Pakistan via road are as follows

Shogran  12000 PKR ($80)

Neelum Valley  12,000 PKR ($80)

Nathiagali  8,000 PKR ($50)

Naran Kaghan  13000 PKR ($90)

Swat Valley   15,000 PKR ($100)

Kumrat Valley  15,000 PKR ($100)

Skardu   25,000 PKR ($150)

Fairy meadows   22500 PKR ($150)

Hunza  16,500 PKR ($100)

Kalam valley   13,000 PKR ($70)

Azad Kashmir  15,000 PKR ($90)

Pakistan Tour Cost – Food Charges

Food in Pakistan is VERY cheap. You can get a satisfactory food within 50 cents. Lets analyze the price of some major food items in Pakistan:

  • ROTI (A type of bread that is eaten with almost EVERY meal in Pakistan) – 10 cents
  • Daal (Grain) – 50 cent per plate
  • Biryani (Rice) – 1 to 2 dollar
  • Samosas. Yes, it’s a snack but in Rs 200 ($1), you can buy 6 samosas, that enough for 2 persons.
  • Chic Peas (Nan chanay). Mostly in Lahore and other Punjab cities, you can have 2 naan and a plate of chana. You can find it in breakfast, rather whole day. It also cost under Rs 400 ($2).
  • Tikka (A piece of chicken) – 1 to 2 dollar
  • Pizza 6″ – 1 to 2 dollars
  • Burger – 1 to 5 dollar

The cost of food during your Pakistan Tour is very consistent through out the country. I have broken down these 3 meals

  1. Breakfast
  2. Lunch
  3. Dinner

Breakfast in Pakistan Cost from PKR 350-1000 ($5-10) per person

Typical Lunch in Pakistan Cost around PKR 800-2000 per person ($10-12)

Typical Dinner in Pakistan cost around RKR 800 – 3000 per person ($10-15)


When travelling to northern Pakistan, the cost is determined by the services you use during your journey; for example, certain airlines with exclusive services are significantly more expensive than others. Similarly, large hotels with premium services cost nearly twice as much. As a result, it is preferable to conduct research and compare pricing in order to make a more educated selection. On Average Pakistan Tour costs $150 per person per day.

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