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Altit Fort - Hunza Tour Packages

In Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, Altit Fort is a historic fort at Altit town throughout the Hunza Valley. Initially, it was home to the union territories of the Hunza state who held the Mir title, but three decades later, they moved to the much younger Baltit fort nearby.

The Altit Fort and the Shikari Tower, in general, are about 1100 years old, making it Gilgit-oldest Baltistan’s monument. In 2011, the fort was awarded the UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award for Protection of Cultural Heritage.

If you check out out Hunza Tour Packages, we do visit Altit Fort because of the importance it holds.

Altit Fort

Baltit Fort - Hunza Tour

Baltit Fort is a fort in Hunza valley, close to the town of Karimabad, in northern Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region. Established in the 8th CE, the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List has been on the list since 2004.

In history, the existence of Hunza’s feudal regime was assured by the formidable fort overlooking Karimabad. The origins of the fort date back to 700 years ago, with decades of rebuilding and modification.

Hurry up. Let’s have a Baltit Fort Hunza Tour together!

Baltit Fort

Rakaposhi - Hunza Tour Packages

Within the Gilgit-Baltistan district of Pakistan, Rakaposhi is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range. It is situated in the middle of the Bagrote Valley, Nagar Valley, and Danyor, approximately 100 km (62 mi) north of Gilgit City.

Also regarded as Dumani, Rakaposhi is (“Mother of Mist” or “Mother of Clouds”). On the planet, it is ranked 27th overall.

Why not adding Rakaposhi as an important place in our Hunza Tour Package that need not to be missed?


Karimabad - Hunza Tour Package

Previously known as Baltit, Karimabad is the capital of the district of Hunza, in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan province. In Pakistan, the Guardian rated this as one of the five “Best Tourist Sites.”

Pakistan Travel Diaries specifically arrange a Karimabad Bazar visit in Hunza Tour Packages for its customers as well.

In honor of Prince Karim Aga Khan, the present spiritual head of the Shia Ismaili Nizari clan, Karimabad was named, while locals still refer to Karimabad by its older name, Baltit.


Sost - Hunza Tour

A village in Gojal, Upper Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan is Sost or Sust.  It’s the last town on the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan before the Chinese border. 2,800 feet above sea level, it is elevated.

As all transport crossing the Pakistan-China border travels through this area, the city is an important location on the highway for all passenger and freight transport; the Pakistani immigration and customs departments are located here. Pakistan and China have finally opened the Khunjerab border for trade and commerce.

Do not miss to visit Sost during your Hunza Tour.


Passu - Hunza Tour Package

Passu is one of the attractive places in Hunza Valley Tour. It is a small village in northern Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan region.

Passu is a major tourist attraction along the Karakoram Highway in Upper Hunza, owing to its readily available sprawling landscapes and views of the 7,478 m (24,534 ft) high Passu Sar peak, Passu Glacier, and Tupopdan 6,106m (20,033 ft).

Passing the Passu cones is on of the main reasons why tourist prefer Hunza tour packages by road instead of by-air.


Attabad Lake - Hunza Tour

Attabad Lake in Hunza Tour is one of the most important part of the entire tour. It is indeed a river in Gojal Valley, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan as a consequence of the Attabad tragedy, the lake was built in January 2010.

Attabad Lake has been one of Gilgit-largest Baltistan’s tourist destinations, offering activities such as fishing, jet skiing, fishing, and other leisure activities.

In none of our Hunza Tour Packages we miss the boating in the majestic Attabad Lake.

Attabad Lake

Khunjerab Pass - Hunza Tour

Khunjerab Pass is a 4,693-meter (15,397 ft)-a high mountain range in the Karakoram Mountains, in a strategically important location on Pakistan’s eastern border (Hunza and Nagar Districts of Gilgit-Baltistan) as well as on China’s southwest boundary (Xinjiang). [Read in detail]

So, what about arranging a Khunjerab Pass Hunza Tour?

Contact Pakistan Travel Diaries in a flash and get to know more about the Hunza Tour Packages.

Khunjerab Pass

Adventures in Hunza Tour

Hunza Valley Tours are no less than an adventures ride through mountains, lakes, beautiful valleys and snowy scenery. These are one of the top things to do during Hunza tour .

  • Attabad Lakes – Boating, Jet Skiing, fishing and other recreational activities.
  • Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Not just a bridge, Its a thrilling adventure.
  • Altit Fort – The Royal Garden is a charm to watch
  • Passu Glacier – Just a few minutes of walk will open up a view of snow covered peaks and being at this place will pay off your Hunza Tour.
  • Khunjerab Pass – If everyone has a picture who travel to Hunza than why don’t you need one?
  • Borith Lake –  Stunning View
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Hunza?

Spring seems to be the perfect season to explore Hunza because when cherry blossom season enters the sky-filled valley and provides tourists with the best spectacular view. You may, nevertheless, visit the Hunza Valley during the year, but in winter it only depends on the driving conditions.

How to Reach Hunza from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

In recent years, many travelers visiting Hunza Valley have come from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi. To reach Hunza from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi, travelers from Lahore and Karachi must first arrive in Islamabad. All of our Hunza Tour Packages starts from Lahore with a short stay in Islamabad.

What is the best time for foreigners to visit Hunza Valley?

The ideal season for foreigners to tour Hunza valley is during autumn (Sep to November) when there is a snowstorm in northern regions

Is boating in Attabad lake included in the Hunza tour?

The Hunza Tour Packages at Attabad Lake are not perfect without boating. At stunning Atta-bad Lake, normally about 45 minutes are granted for boating.

How far is Hunza from Naran

Naran to Hunza travel time is approximately 6 h 41 min (316.8 km) via N-15 and Karakoram Hwy/N-35.

What is the trek time to eagle nest view point

For getting best experience and witness the beauty of eagle nest view point, we will trek on top mountain in 20 to 25 minutes to watch wonderful view.

What is the total cost of the Gilgit-Hunza tour?

Specifically concerned with the cost of the service to Gilgit Hunza, it may vary depending upon the new route and multiple choices for hotels, so that our service will benefit more visitors. Pakistan Travel Diaries offers both economy Hunza tour packages as well as luxury Hunza Tour.

How much does is cost to Travel to Gilgit Hunza from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

Pakistan Travel Diaries offers Gilgit Hunza Package Tours from Islamabad, Gilgit Hunza Tour Package from Karachi and also Gilgit Hunza Tour Package from Lahore. Travel cost varies with different packages.

Do you offer a refund if I cancel my Hunza tour?

Client satisfaction is our first and last concern therefore you will be paid. If you cancel the Hunza Tour, it will depend on the amount of the refund. For all tours, we do own a cancelation policy, if you want to make sure you return your money. If it has not been given to you, please contact us!

Do you offer Hunza Tour Package on car

Private guided tours are our main Pakistan tour schedules. We assume they have the most genuine experience. You will discover Pakistan’s journey every day, as local people see the region. We can offer cars to private tours. Our Hunza Honeymoon Tour is on car and the package for Hunza tour on car is approximately same as Hunza Honeymoon tour.

What are the best hotels near Hunza

We have the best accommodation near Naran are Hotel Royal Saeed & Hotel Arcadian.

What If there is land sliding while travelling to Hunza

In case of land sliding, we will choose an alternative path to reach our destination OR in case of no alternative path we will stay at safe alternative destination for the time being.

What kind of Clothes to Carry for Hunza Tours

While planning you trip, make a list of clothes to carry while travelling to northern areas. This list should include a sweeter, a warm jacket, a pair of boots, a woolen cap, a pair of gloves, warm socks and trouser.

Do you give any discount to Kids in Hunza Tour packages

Yes! We are offering special discount (50 % off) to the children under 8 Years of age.

How far our stay hotels are located from bazaar of Hunza

Our hotels are located both in bazaar as well from walking distance to bazaar. All depends on your preference at the time of selection of tour package.

During Hunza tours what medical aid will be provided in case of emergency

We will provide first medical aid for free at the spot and in case of admission in hospital  our company will not be responsible for any kind of medical charges.

What is language of hunza valley

Burushaski language, also spelled Burushaki or Burushki, language spoken primarily in the Hunza, Nagar, and Yasin valleys of northern Pakistan. In case of language barrier like English, our guides speak English well and they are mostly local. They will let you know the places history in good way.

Which type of washrooms are availiable when travelling to Hunza

Most of the hotels have both American or Indian washroom facilities on customer’s demand.

Is there lift service at hotel in Hunza

No, hotels does not provide lift service in their hotels.

What are the pick up and drop point

Our pick up and drop points are the same which is Lahore, Islamabad Bus Terminal, and on Motorway interchange near to customer.

How much luggage I can carry for the hunza tour

We prefer you to take minimum luggage because you can enjoy your tour without any problem.

What is the preferable dress to wear in Hunza Valley Tour

You can wear dress as per your wish and culture but recommend is shirts and jeans because they are comfortable while trekking to the mountain.

Do I carry extension with me when travelling to Hunza

Yes you need to carry your extensions with you. Mostly extensions are available at hotels but not necessarily at all places.

What things should be hand carry when travelling to Hunza

Keep some of the most important with you in your hand bags that can be come under use at any time like shawl, medicine, or any other gadgets

Tour Packages for Hunza Valley 2021

Hunza tour packages give the ability to witness heaven on Earth. Outstandingly, the Hunza Valley receives thousands of visitors per year. Wadi-e-Hunza is, evidently, synonymous with tourism in Pakistan.

Hundreds of tourists from Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi travel to the Hunza Valley by road. Some prefer Hunza Tour packages by air, while some customers do not.

The world recognizes the Hunza Valley as the “Land of Legends” and its history, scenery, friendliness, and hospitality are famous worldwide. Every year, tourists, and explorers from around the world visit this part of the Planet.

Majestic mountains of the Karakoram Range adds to the beauty of Hunza Valley. From every point in the central Hunza valley, you can see Rakaposhi Peak (7,788 m), Diran Peak (7,266 m), Spantik (7,072 m), Shishper Peak (7,611 m), Ultar Peak (7,388 m), and several other peaks and mountains above 6,000 m.

The valley of Hunza is the home of several species of flora and fauna. You will see stunning lakes, immense mountains, special culture, history, art, wildlife.


Pakistan Travel Diaries calls for the promotion of tourism in Pakistan and provides everyone with different Hunza tour packages.

If it is a honeymoon outing for private citizens or a holiday trip. We are here in the adventure to provide you with the best management.

The 2021 tour package of the Hunza Valley Tour spans the utterly unexpected calendar, where we experienced the gentle areas with numerous natural shadows.

Before touching the boundary between Sost and Khunjerab and Pakistan-China Border, take a boat in the circular waters of Attabad Lake and make the best possible panoramic turn.

Honeymoon Packages for Hunza Valley

For your honeymoon trip to Hunza, you need to find the right travel expert for Pakistan Travel Diaries. Book a plan for the Hunza Valley Honeymoon that suits your lifestyle and best meets your needs.  The rest of the job is all on us.

You will never reconsider your decision after planning the Hunza  Tour. Consequently, we have a wide variety of Honeymoon Packages that range from Super Deluxe to Normal, and at the request of our valued clients, most packages can be modified.

Hunza Tour of the Valley

In Pakistan’s tourism industry, our Hunza Valley Tour packages are one of the best tour packages among all the travel agencies. The valley is unique, but it differs in terms of variations and culture in its area (including everything). In the Baltistan district of Gilgit, about 70 kilometers from the main city of Gilgit, the Hunza Valley is situated.

It is worth visiting each region in the Hunza Valley. Staying in the eagle nest and seeing the sunlight of Rakaposhi, any moment you spent there will make you surrender again and again to Hunza. There is no question that it is full of charming landscapes, great people, and charming traditions and customs. The roads and streets are stone-built and look very ancient.

The living is very healthy, too. Advanced sets, wooden bits, and handmade napkins are available at every Hunza market.

7-Day Tour of Hunza Valley

You need a 7-day  Hunza valley Tour while you are on holiday. Every day takes your trip with fresh energy and excitement. It is probably worth a moment in the arms of the Hunza valley, from hiking to trekking. Most notably, in the Hunza Valley, the cherry trees season makes you conscious that you are visiting half of the heaven on earth.

Prices for the Hunza Travel Package

Pakistan Travel Diaries provides package deals to all of Pakistan’s northern regions, notably Gilgit Baltistan and Khyber Phatunkhawn.

In the Hunza Tour, you can consider the list given, prices can vary with season and cover every other level of society. Book your tour now if you have not experienced the Gilgit Hunza Valley.

Travel Guide to Hunza Valley

What is obvious is that the perception will shift positively in the northern part of Pakistan, since it is among the most beautiful areas in the country. The journey began with our road trip from Islamabad to Gilgit. We traveled by the renowned KKH. Starting at Gilgit, proceed along the Karakoram Highway to Hunza’s capital, Karimabad (2440 m). The Rakaposhi snow wall astonished tourists along the way. The above Hunza Valley Luxury Couple Package Itinerary demonstrates the required travel schedule, as well as the roads, attractions, and public landmarks offered in Gilgit and Hunza, which will provide advance information of the most detailed plan for travelers.

Hunza Traveling

What might be more fascinating, lying under the apricot tree in Hunza, staring at the sparkling leaves, or smiling at the starry valley sky at sunset, or sitting at the foot of the Enormous Mountains? This is what you find in the Hunza travel Package in Pakistan. In the tourism market, tour packages from Hunza are growing rapidly. All need to see weather-friendly panoramic views, all of which end with a treat. It’s about a two-hour drive from the far valley of Gilgit. We will explore the beautiful landscape after going via Hunza.

Islamabad to Hunza Experience

If you are on a ride from Islamabad to Hunza, it will take you about 13 hours. The most fitting designs for traveling visitors are the Hunza valley tour from Lahore and the Hunza tour from Karachi. The atmosphere, like the Hunza Valley, is quite pleasant even though singing in the summer. In summer, the mean temperature is 14°C. To get rid of the humidity and heat of Lahore and Karachi, people want to have the Hunza valley tour.

Gilgit To Hunza 2021 trip

Moreover, all you need next season is Gilgit for the 2020 Hunza Tour. Under the guidance of the CEO himself and his successful staff, all is handled. Also, the Hunza Valley Hotel proposes an entirely small maintenance fee for all nature lovers. Furthermore, Pakistan Travel Diaries offers facilities at fair rates to most traditional departments. Moreover, the price of the travel package has changed, and the package has abruptly moved from days to areas where high-quality energy needs to be spent. Family vacations or pair trips, all covering our special agency.

Hunza Valley Travel Supervisors

Importantly, our Hunza Valley tour guide is well seasoned and well educated, knowing every aspect of the Hunza Valley, and giving their precious guests the best services.

When visiting its incredible locations, Gilgit is very spacious. Each quarter presents you with an environment entirely different from the previous quarter. Gilgit and Hunza Valley, our tourism specialists, are revered for their deep experience and omnipresent skills. Consequently, Gilgit, our powerful tour guide, will keep everyone safe while they explore Pakistan.

Skardu Hunza Tour Packages

A variety of package deals are also provided by Pakistan Travel Diaries, including numerous areas in the province of Gilgit Baltistan. We appear to cover all of the main and minor tourist destinations of the Hunza Valley and Skardu sights during their significant periods in these Skardu Hunza tour packages. The best part of our travel offers is that, depending on our customers’ needs, we change arrangements. Therefore, please feel free to contact any budget, and we will provide you with the highest quality service for any number of days. So Hurry Up and plan your Hunza valley Tour now.

Local Food from Hunza

The surrounding fortress is, however, the natural way of life and the diet of the Hunza. For instance, in Pakistan’s Wonderland, Chapshouro and Burshapak are the main foods you have to try while roaming. The shadows of the Hunza Valley before winter will not make you feel inner or pitiful. At night, after sunset, the cool air produces a vortex at the top of Lady Finger Peak, which is very sparkling. Similarly, trees are snow-covered in the winters, offering nature lovers the ultimate look. Similarly, in no season can this Hunza Tour ever carry boredom. Every season has a glorious showing.


Hunza Tour Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Hunza Tour Packages – Lahore/Islamabad to Naran

The tourists will leave for Kaghan Valley on the day 1. Haripur, Abbottabad, and Balakot can pass through the tunnel. The path is among the most beautiful landscapes and landscapes. Individuals will encounter lush green hills, pools with freshwater, glaciers, alpine trees, etc.

The Kunhar River runs along the banks of Naran. The wonderful vision would make the streets trip unbelievable. On our journey to Hunza, we can make fast tea stops. The guests will have lunch and relax for some time after landing at the hotel. The participants will go out for a stroll or sightseeing after the break.


Day 2: Tour of the Hunza Valley – Naran to Hunza

The tourists will commence their journey early today. The sunlight would make the valley’s aesthetics very bright. It is also a great time on the road for photography. The path goes through Lulusar Lake, and the participants take a brief break from the lake.

At Babusar Move, participants will take a tea break (4173 m). The participants will start their Hunza Tour.

On joining Chillas, they will feel the transition from lush green hills to harsh dry mountains. The participants will now ride on the Karakoram Highway, which is perceived by many of our guests to be the eighth wonder of the world.

Nanga Parbat is 8,126 m from Karakoram Highway, and tourists will get to see it. Tourists will pause at the viewpoint of Rakaposhi (7,788 m) before arriving at the Hunza Valley hotel. Overnight stay at the Hunza inn. (In Hunza Tour Package we might change the hotels depending upon the availability)


Day 3: Tour Guide to Hunza Valley

This day, when they explore the ancient Baltit Fort (700 years old) and Altit fort, the participants will have a lot of experiences with historians, artists, and novelists (900 years old).

We often hire a local tour guide from Hunza Valley to get the best possible experience so you get maximum out of you hunza tour package, which will clarify the culture, background, and standards of the Hunza People.

Our tour experts still have stories to share with our interesting visitors. Participants are going to attend Altit’s Leif Larson Music School and have quality time in the Royal Gardens.

Khabasi Café delivers one of the most delightful local foods in the Royal Gardens. Group members should grab a cup of coffee as well. Before sunset, travelers will visit Duikar, where participants will witness the sun setting on the mighty Karakoram Mountains.


Day 4: Tour of the Hunza Valley- Khunjerab Pass (Pak-China Border)

Participants will leave for the Pak-China Border (Khunjerab Pass, the world’s highest road border), which is one of the Hunza tour’s best road trips.

Participants will go into the 1,000-year-old Ganish Culture. They will see carvings of ancient rocks and holy rocks. After half an hour, the participants will fly from the Ganish bridge along Attabad lake. The Upper Hunza Karakoram Highway has a lot to come.

Via Hussaini Glacier and Passu Village, the participants will travel. Shispar Peak (7,611 m), Passu Peak (7,284 m), and the notorious Passu Cones/Catherdral are visible along the way (above 6,000 m).

Participants can travel through both the Khyber Wildlife Protection Area and enter the Deh National Park of Khunjerab. Guests have the chance to encounter Chinese visitors arriving from the other side of the line upon arrival at the world’s highest border, Khunjerab Pass (4,733 m).


On a fortunate day, visitors will take photographs of the captivating scenery and even see heavy snow in the summers.

The group members will earn shopping time on return to Sost for Chinese products on return (watches, electronics, etc).

The participants will have a chance to explore Karimabad Market on this day.

Herbs, caps, dried fruit, and many more can be bought by locals. Participants would have a decent amount of shopping time for handicrafts, gemstones, and fabric to wander in Karimabad.


Day 5: Return to the Valley of Naran Kaghan

Tourists will come back to the Naran Kaghan Valley on this day. The participants would take the same path to Naran to meet (Kaghan Valley). On the way, participants will make short visits. In the afternoon, participants will enter Naran. Participants will visit Naran Bazaar when they arrive in Naran.


Day 6: Hunza Tour Package End in Islamabad/Lahore.

It will take roughly 7-8 hours from Naran to reach Islamabad and further 4 hours to reach to Lahore. The Hunza Tour will come to an end upon its arrival in Islamabad/Lahore.

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