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Baltoro Glacier - Gilgit Tour

The Baltoro Glacier, at 63 km in length, is one of the longest glaciers outside the polar regions. It is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It runs through part of the Karakoram mountain range

It attracts many tourist during Gilgit Baltistan Tour

Baltoro Glacier

Nagar Valley - Baltistan Tour

Nagar Valley also known as formerly princely state, is one of the ten districts of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. The valley is along the Karakoram Highway on the way north from Gilgit main city.

The valley is home to many high mountain peaks including Rakaposhi m, Diran Peak, Golden Peak and Rush Peak.

The valley is known for its delicious fruits, terraced fields, landmark monuments and also for its changing colors in various seasons.

A must visit place in you Gilgit Baltistan Tour

Nagar Valley

Passu - Gilgit Baltistan Tour

Passu is located along the Hunza River, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Gulmit, the Tehsil headquarters of Gojal, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, and about 147 kilometres (91 mi) upriver from Gilgit. Passu is located in Gojal Valley, sub division of District Hunza.

It lies very near the tongue of the Passu Glacier, and just south of the tongue of the Batura Glacier. The latter is the seventh longest non-polar glacier in the world at 56 kilometres (35 mi), and reaches very near to the highway. Borith Lake is a large water feature below the Hussaini village in the area.

Read more about Passu Village here


Deosai National Park - Gilgit Tour

The Deosai National Park is a high-altitude alpine plain and national park in the Northern Pakistan region of Gilgit Baltistan. Deosai Plains are situated at an average elevation of 4,114 metres above sea level and considered as the second highest plateaus in the world.

Plan a Gilgit Baltistan tour to Deosai National Park with Pakistan Travel Diaries.

Deosai National Park

Attabad Lake - Gilgit Baltistan Tour

Attabad Lake is a lake in Gojal Valley, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan The lake was created in January 2010 as a result of the Attabad Disaster.

Attabad Lake has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Gilgit Baltistan tour, offering activities like boating, jet skiing, fishing and other recreational activities.

Attabad Lak

Ghizer Meadows Gilgit Baltistan Tour

Ghizer District is the westernmost part of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.Ghizer is the biggest district in Gilgit-Baltistan. Its capital is Gahkuch. Ghizer is a crossroads between Gilgit and Chitral via Shandur Pass, and also to China and Tajikistan via the Broghil Pass through Ishkomen Valley.

Ghizer Meadows

Katpana Desert - Gilgit Baltistan Tour

The Cold Desert, also known as the Katpana Desert or Biama Nakpo, is a high-altitude desert located near Skardu, northern Gilgit-Baltistan.
The desert contains expanses of large sand dunes that are sometimes covered in snow during winter.
A visit to this unique desert in Gilgit Baltistan Tour will provide you will great memories and awesome stories to share.

Katpana Desert

Rakaposhi - Gilgit Baltistan Tour

Rakaposhi is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range in the Gilgit Baltistan territory of Pakistan. It is situated in the middle of the Nagar and Bagrote valleys and danyor, approximately 100 km north of the city of Gilgit.

Rakaposhi is also known as Dumani. It is ranked 27th highest in the world making it a must visit in Gilgit Baltistan Tour.


Adventures in Gilgit-Baltistan

Hiking on mountains
Camping in
the woods
Boating in

Frequently Asked Questions

Best time to visit Gilgit-Baltistan

The best time to visit Gilgit-Baltistant is between May to September.

How to Reach Gilgit-Baltistan from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

In recent years, many travelers visiting Gilgit-Baltistan have come from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi. To reach Gilgit-Baltistan from Islamabad , Lahore and Karachi, travelers from Lahore and Karachi must first arrive in Islamabad.It takes 14 to 15 hours to reach Gilgit-Baltistan from Islamabad.

What is the cost of Gilgit-Baltistan Tour

When it comes to the cost of the Gilgit-Baltistan trip, each package has 
different route and different accommodation options, so more tourists can benefit from our service.

Gilgit Baltistan Tour Package

Our Gilgit Baltistan tour package is meant for domestic and international visitors who want to see Pakistan’s northern regions. Karakoram and Pakistan’s Himalayan Mountains are among the areas covered.

Pakistan Travel Diaries is recognized as one of the best tour planners who execute the best vacations in Gilgit-Baltistan and all the Northern regions of Pakistan. In the Gilgit Hunza tour, our tour guides and other local support workers provide a host-guest experience that others cannot match.


Book Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages 2021

Pakistan Travel Diaries Gilgit Hunza Tour provides you the opportunity to see Hunza Valley, which is located at the height of 2500 meters and is known as “heaven on earth.” The Gilgit Baltistan Valley, for example, attracts thousands of tourists each year.

In Pakistan, Wadi-e-Hunza appears to be a synonym for tourism. In 2021, we want to transport most tourists from Islamabad to the Hunza Valley by road. At the same time, some customers prefer going from Islamabad to Hunza via flight.

Gilgit Hunza Tour 2021

Pakistan Travel Diaries promotes tourism in Pakistan and offers various Hunza honeymoon packages to suit everyone’s needs. Whether it’s for a secret honeymoon or a family vacation. We’re here to make sure you’re taken care of throughout the experience.

The Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages 2021 stretches a completely unexpected calendar, where we saw soft spots with various natural shadows. As you go around Gilgit, you can observe the history that the pioneers have left behind.

Before approaching the border between Sost and Khunjerab, and Pakistan-China, take a boat on the round waters of Attabad Lake and make the most delicate possible panoramic turn.

You only need to choose a suitable Pakistan Travel Diaries for your honeymoon vacation to Gilgit. Make a reservation for a Gilgit Honeymoon Package that meets your preferences. We are responsible for the remaining task. You will never regret your decision after seeing the Gilgit Baltistan.

As a result, we provide a broad choice of Honeymoon Packages, ranging from Super Deluxe to Standard. The majority of them are customizable at the request of our valued clients.

Our Gilgit Baltistan Tout Packages 2021 are among Pakistan’s top tour packages. The valley is one-of-a-kind, but it is unique in its region in terms of diversity and culture (including everything). The Hunza Valley is 70 kilometers from Gilgit’s major city in the Baltistan area.

The Hunza Valley should be visited in its entirety. Every second you spend in the eagle nest, watching Rakaposhi light, you will wish to visit Hunza again and again. Without a sure, there are many lovely landscapes, beautiful people, and lovely culture and customs to be found here.

The stone roads and streets appear to be rather old. A hectic way of life is also followed. Hunza features refined collections, wooden furniture, and handcrafted napkins at each of their stores.

7 days tour to Gilgit Baltistan

A 7-day Gilgit Baltistan tour is required when on vacation. Your journey is filled with fresh thrills and adventures nearly every day. Every time spent in the embrace of the Hunza Valley, from hiking to trekking, is well worth it. Above all, the Hunza Valley’s cherry blossom season reminds you that you’re in a quarter of Paradise on Earth.

Gilgit Tour Package Price

Pakistan Travel Diaries provides Gilgit Skardu travel packages and all Pakistan’s northern regions, including Khyber Phatunkhawn.

The list is available in Gilgit Baltistan Tour and Hunza Valley Tour Packages; costs vary according to season and include practically every socioeconomic class. Plan your Tour of Gilgit Baltistan immediately if you haven’t done it already.


Gilgit Baltistan Travel Guide

Because it is one of the most beautiful areas on the planet, the northern section of Pakistan will undoubtedly transform your perspective. Our adventure to Gilgit will begin with a car ride from Islamabad.

We shall pass by the KKH, which is a well-known landmark. We will continue along the Karakoram Highway from Gilgit to Hunza’s capital, Karimabad (2440 meters). The Rakaposhi snow wall wowed the crowds along the way.

The above Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages depict the proper trip plan and the routes, locations, and public monuments in Gilgit and Hunza to give clients the most comprehensive program in advance knowledge.

When we return to Paso or Gulmit, the last leg of the journey will begin. We will guide KKH to the Khunjerab Pass (4833 m) on the China-Pakistan border after spending the night there. We will return to Karimabad on the same day after relishing the beautiful velvet hills and spend the night at Karimabad before taking the KKH to Gilgit.


Gilgit to Hunza Tour 2021

It would take around 13 hours to go to Hunza from Islamabad. The best designs for visiting visitors are the Hunza Tour from Lahore and the Hunza Tour from Karachi.

Even while singing in the summer, the weather in Hunza is relatively moderate, as it is in the Hunza Valley. In the summer, the maximum temperature is 14 degrees Celsius. The Hunza valley is popular with tourists who want to escape the heat and humidity of Lahore and Karachi.


Gilgit Skardu Tour Package

Pakistan Travel diaries also offer several Gilgit Tour Packages that take you to various parts of the Gilgit Baltistan province during the Gilgit tour.

We cover all main and more minor tourist sites in the Hunza Valley and Skardu attractions throughout their respective times in these Skardu Hunza trip packages.

The significant aspect of our vacation packages is that we can adapt them to our client’s tastes. As a result, please contact us with any budget and any number of days, and we will offer you the highest quality service possible.

In addition, Gilgit Hunza Tour 2021 is everything you’ll need next season. Everything is carried out under the supervision of the CEO and his capable staff.

In addition, the Hunza Valley Hotels charge a meager cost to all nature enthusiasts. In addition, Pakistan Travel Diaries offers affordable services to all clients.


Gilgit Tour Operators

Significantly, our Gilgit Baltistan tour guides are well-experienced and well-trained. They are familiar with every section of the Gilgit, ensuring that their valued visitors receive the most satisfactory service possible.

When you visit Gilgit, you will see how spacious it is. Each quarter offers a unique experience compared to the previous one. Our tourism professionals in Gilgit and Hunza Valley are well-known for their extensive knowledge. As a result, they will feel protected in Pakistan.

Thanks to our knowledgeable Gilgit tour guide.

The “Altit Baltit Fort,” the magnificent “Rakaposhi and Lady Finger Peak” at the time, “Altar Sar,” and even the local “Hunza Bazar” are just a few of the prominent landmarks in the Gilgit Baltistan.

It’s full of unusual green plant flavors, in addition to the exciting flagstone streets. Thousands of visitors traveled to Hunza to see the Hunza people and learn about their fascinating culture.

So, let’s plan a Gilgit Tour with Pakistan Travel Diaries. Happy Travelling

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