The Top Restaurants in Naran Kaghan, Pakistan, are listed below. Nothing – NOTHING – can match high-quality cuisine! Unavoidably, food has the power to bring people together. Are you seeking for a nice place to eat with decent food?

Welcome to our thorough guide to Naran Kaghan cuisine, where you can get all the details you need to experience the renowned and mouthwatering flavors of this lovely city. Here is a list of the top restaurants in Naran Kaghan for foodies to fill their bellies. Your taste buds be delighted by the greatest cuisine.

Famous restaurants in Naran Kaghan Valley

Famous restaurants in Naran Includes

  • Punjab Tikka House
  • Moon Restaurant
  • Lahore Broast Inn
  • Khan’s Kitchen
  • The Trout Land
  • Anwar-ul-Madina

All of the above mentioned restaurants are famous for different variety of cuisine. Let’s explore what each restaurant is famous for

Punjab Tikka House Naran

Punjab Tikka House Naran

Moon Restaurnts Naran

Moon Restaurant Naran

Lahore Broastt Inn Naran

Lahore Broastt Inn Naran

Khans Kitchen Naran

Khan’s Kitchen Naran

Troutland Hotel Naran

The Troutland Hotel Naran

Anwar ul Madina Naran

Anwar-ul-Madina Hotel Naran

Restaurnt on Naran Punjab Tikka House

Punjab Tikka House

Kickass Karhai, Daal Maash, Khameeri Roti and Chapli Kebabs. Punjab Tikka House, Main Bazaar, Naran. Sadly no Parathas at dinner. Dal Mash, Tandoori Paratha, Glacier Water and Green Tea

Moon Restaurant Naran

Moon restaurant will charge 10%service charge on the bill. Variety of food in Naran, not necessarily tasty though. Management of Moon Restaurant near Baser/ Naran deserves special praise, some kind of official acknowledgment for helping 100s of stranded families during recent landsliding/flooding in Kaghan by offering stay/ food & not charging a single penny for services

Food in Naran Moon Restaurant

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