List of Top 10 Places to visit in Naran Kaghan Valley

  • Lake Saif Ul Malook
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Siri Paye Meadows
  • Dudipatsar Lake
  • Lalazar
  • Babusar Top
  • Kunhar River
  • Shogran
  • Balakot


Naran and Kaghan, the places full of life and beauty, are situated in Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. This valley lies within the powerful lavish green mountains of the Himalayas encompassed by the thick Alpine woods.

The mesmerizing beauty makes it all the way more intriguing for the explorers to visit such places. It is no wonder that God has gifted this place extra beauty which attracts everyone towards it.

Naran is quite possibly the most lively and inspiring place in Pakistan on account of its beautiful perspectives. Many people visit these places on yearly basis and live the beauty there. Regardless of whether you are intending to plan your visit with family, friends, or cousins trust me you are going to build amazing memories there.

Also, to minimize the distance for the travelers’ Government has built a new motorway to save the time of the travelers so that they can reach as early as possible.

The way to Naran valley begins from the ice sheets and glaciers of Kaghan and travel till Mansehra. People usually speak some different languages such as Hindko and Gojri yet every individual over there can communicate and get the Urdu language. People usually wear Shalwar kameez which has long bottom Shalwar.

You may find many people with tall heights. The average expected height of individuals is about 5″8′ or 5″9′ specifically males.


In this Blog, we will be discussing very beautiful spots that you need to visit if you go to Naran and Kaghan. Visiting them is a must. Following are probably the most alluring spots of Naran Kaghan Valley, so how about examining them!

1. Lake Saif Ul Malook

Lake Saif ul Malook - to 10 Places visited in naran kaghan valley

A report says that Lake Saif Ul Malook is one the most visited and best places in the Naran Kaghan and possibly Pakistan. It is very popular among all the tourists because of its mesmerizing beauty. In the Winter season, the snow falls a lot, and the lake gets covered with snow all over it. Brown trout fish is also present in this lake.

You can enjoy camping at night time. It is a beautiful view when you spend some time under the clear sky covered with stars all around. You can even do boating in the day time.

It is 8 kilometers from the north of Naran. It requires approximately 1 hour to visit from Naran Bazar. You may hire jeeps and start exploring the land around you. These jeeps will help you travel from Naran to Saif Ul Malook.

It is better to hire the local drivers who know the right path because the roads there are very bumpy, and it is very dangerous if you do not take care while traveling. People recruit those jeeps to travel to Saif Ul Malook with their friends and families. While some youngsters trek towards it. There are a variety of hotels and shops situated at Saiful Malook as well.

The lake is covered up with the mountains of Himalaya with an approximate height of 10,499 ft nearly equal to 3,224 m above ocean level.

Besides, one can do a tour of the lake also for around 3 hours. Once you start exploring all the places around, you get into it so much that you cannot ignore the attractive beauty surrounding you.

2. Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake: Best Place to visit in Naran

Another lovely destination to visit in Naran is Lulusar lake which is situated in the Kaghan Valley and attracting everyone towards itself. The water flowing slowly with sunshine all around adds to the beauty of Naran.

The spot is a very well-known destination meant for tourism all because of the incredibly tall and slender mountains. The high mountains are covered with snow all year long. If you want to visit this lake, you can visit it in the summer season when you see most of the greenery all around and snow at very few places.

You can also come across some animals and creatures like foxes, wild bears, birds of prey, Himalayan snowcock, lynx, and marmots while touring this Lulusar lake. It is only because this very lake is located in the National Park of Lulusar Dudipatsar. Besides, tourists can enjoy hiking and climbing and can even stay there for a day long.

The Lulusar lake is approximately 3,410 m which is almost equal to 11,190 ft over the ocean level and is at 50 kilometers distance from the Naran Valley. You can easily reach this place by driving for almost 1 and a half hour. Also, this lake is of worth importance because it acts as a source of water for the Kunhar River.

3. Ansoo lake

Ansoo Lake - Top Places to Visit in Naran kaghan Valley
Most Calm Place to visit in Naran Kaghan Valley

You can also visit another very calm and beautiful lake in Naran valley which is named Ansoo lake. Ansoo Lake is found in the Himalayas with a height of 4,250 m. You can easily get to this lake by traveling and enjoying the serene beauty of nature.

All you need to do is to travel to Saif Ul Malook first on a jeep because you may experience uneven paths as well. Then you can have a horse ride towards the Upper Himalaya Range. With another hour of traveling, you can reach Ansoo lake and enjoy breathing in the purifying air.

Ansu is a tear-shaped high elevation lake that is present besides Malika Parbat. It tends to be reached through an 11 km trail beginning at Saif-ul-Malook lake. Lake stays open from early May work late December, with a disintegrating climate making it quite problematic at the start and end of the season.

You might be thinking that why is this lake called “tear lake”. It is because of its shape that it is known as tear lake. It looks similar to that of the tear. It is without a doubt the most beautiful place to visit in Naran Kaghan valley.

Once you visit this lake, you forget everything. It is so calm and attractive that it captures your focus, your attention perhaps takes hold of your mind. You can take photos and make videos to capture all the moments in your camera for making memories to see later.

Moreover, the best and ideal opportunity to visit this lake is from June till August as in different months, because the place remains covered with snow and it gets a little risky for the tourists and travelers.

4. Siri Paye Meadows

Siri Paye Meadows - Top 10 Places to visit in naran

Siri Paye meadows is another amazing and the best place to take a break from your busy routine. You can travel to Siri Paye meadows during the Naran Kaghan Tour which is situated in the Shogran valley of Naran Valley.

It is at a little distance from the Kewai waterfalls. You need to drive for 1 hour on the jeep in order to reach Siri Paye meadows. The jeep will travel through the dense land for about 15 minutes.

The plateau is located at a height of 3060 m from sea level. Do not wait any more time, hurry up select your packages, and book them now! Ask your friends and family to accompany you on your Naran and Kaghan tour. You will enjoy a lot.

5 .Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake - Best Places to visit in Naran Kaghan Valley

The next lake we have to see is Dudipatsar Lake. It is also equally beautiful as the other ones. Those who love to visit the North of Naran Kaghan valley should book a trip to this place. Dudipatsar is known as the White Mountain Lake. It is given this name because of its tops that remain covered with white snow the whole year.  

This lake is very famous for its majestic beauty and therefore also known as the Queen of all lakes. Isn’t it interesting? You should plan a visit here to experience the beauty all around.

The best time to visit the Dudipatsar lake is from July to August when there is a little snowfall. Otherwise, in the rest of the months, heavy snowfall causes cause immense difficulties for the tourists and people coming to visit the lake. You might get stuck there and might not enjoy that much in the other months as compared to July and August.

This lake almost reaches an elevation of 3800m. Sounds good? Then why not plan a visit with Pakistan Travel Diaries.

6. Lalazar

Lalazar - Top Places to visit in Naran Kaghan valley

This place is situated in the Batakundi Village of Kaghan Valley. You may see loads of pine, fir forest, and wildflowers in Lalazar. All these help in making it a lush green region and the best place for the tourists to visit.

Even though the cultivation of potatoes and different crops its beauty has declined to a great extent, yet the charming view of Malika Parbat invites you to visit the place again and again. While going to Lalazar, you may experience a bumpy path but it is better to travel on a jeep.

When you visit Lalazar, you may notice a deep valley down which is close to the Kunhar river. There are beautiful and high hills on the other side with alpine woods all around. The alpine woods add to the beauty of the valley that people cannot stop themselves from visiting this place. Individuals come here from all across the globe to value its magnificence.

7. Babusar Top

Babusar Top View

Mostly you might have noticed people saying Babusar Pass. Do not get confused as we have another name of babusar top i.e., Babusar Pass. It is called so because it is known for connecting the territory of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the territory of Gilgit Baltistan in Northern Pakistan. People usually visit Babusar pass on cars and jeeps.

Summer is the best time to visit Babusar Top like the other places as well.

This place holds amazing and captivating beauty in it which captures the attention of its visitors and tourists. It is highly recommended to wear warm clothes and cover yourself as much as you can because it gets very chill and cold on the top. Babusar Pass covers a height of 4,173 m  approximately equal to 13,700 ft above ocean level. This is the last place that you can visit in Naran Kaghan Valley.

8. Kunhar River

Kunhar River - Top Places to visit in Naran Kaghan Valley

River Kunhar flows through the place. There are many hotels which are situated at the bank of the river so that people can rest there and have lunch or dinner.

Around evening time, you can hear the sound of water streaming and flow towards the stones. That sound gives an incredible delight, and you feel very calm and relaxed. In the day time, you will notice People doing fishing in the river. Whereas some people simply sit by the stream and put their feet under the cool water to relax.

It gets dark in the Naran valley very early because the heightened mountains stop the sunlight from reaching there.

9. Shogran

Shogran Valley - Best Place to visit during Naran Kahan Valley Tour

While going through the wonders of Kaghan Valley, one cannot get back without visiting the green yards of Shogran. Shogran turned into the most loved spot of travelers due to its astonishing and lush green sites alongside the awesome atmosphere. Shogran is 7,749 feet above offering attractive sites for the visitors. The visitors love to unwind in a calm environment and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere loaded with greenery. Furthermore, various hotels and inns are there to oblige a large number of travelers every year.

10. Balakot

Balakot - Best City to visit in Naran Kaghan Valley

Last yet not least is the Gate of Kaghan Valley, Balakot. Another lovely spot to observe in Kaghan Valley with a small community living by the bank of Kunhar River at the foot of the mountains that go many feet above.

One thing that is a little disappointing about these places is that we get to know from our elders that this place was quite beautiful and wonderful 20 to 30 years ago. People do not care about natural beauty and start spoiling them for no reason.

Trash, litter, and heaps of garbage are found all around the place. No one cares for the cleanliness of the place and due to this reason, the beauty of Northern areas start decreasing. Everyone should take care of this place and fulfill his responsibility of being a good citizen.

In short, do visit these places once. You are surely going to love them. Plan your visit now with Pakistan Travel Diaries and get a chance to avail yourself of the discounted offers. Checkout our plans and packages for Naran and Kaghan Tour.

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