Murree Tour Packages 2021

Murree is Pakistan’s tourism king, welcoming visitors all year. To begin with, Murree is only 45 minutes from Islamabad, the country’s capital. Murree Tours 2021 is great for honeymoons and family vacations. Tour Packages for Murree also provide excellent value for money to married couples and families. Our Murree Tour Guide will assist you in comprehending and experiencing the hidden beauty of Pakistan’s Northern Areas during your journey.

Murree is one of Pakistan’s most popular summer tourist destinations. However, before embarking on a journey to Murree, you should review Our Murree Tour Guide.


In 2021, we will provide three-day Murree tour packages, four-day Murree tour packages, and a family trip package to Murree.


Patriata, also known as New Murree, is a hill station located in Pakistan’s northern Punjab province. It’s 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) south of Murree Hill. Patriata Murree is part of the Rawalpindi District’s Murree Tehsil. The Patriata distance from Murree is 37m. The hills rise to 7,500 feet (2,300 meters) above sea level, making it the highest point in the region.

Compared to places further south, the Patriata weather is colder, making it a good tourist destination. For many, Murree’s significant tourist presence makes Patriata an even more appealing center. 2 days Murree Tour Packages normally includes a visit to Patriata to enjoy chairlift.


Kashmir Point

Kashmir Point is a picturesque overlook in Murree, Pakistan, where you can see the Kashmir mountains. It’s on Mall Road. The Kashmir point height is about 7500 feet above sea level.

You may stroll from other parties out of the mall lane to the GPO and go for 15 minutes (about one kilometer) to Kashmir Point, which is known for its calm. Kashmir Point is accessible through the trek. Kashmir point weather is perfect.

To go to the presidential palace in Murree, Pakistan, you must travel via Murree Cadet College. The Kashmir Mountains may be seen from here. Because of the heavy traffic on Mall Lane, which attracts visitors, this is Murree’s highest point. It attracts stunning guests.

Kashmir Point

Changla Gali

Changla Gali is a tourist mountain resort town in Pakistan’s Galya region. Changla Gali’s height is almost about 2559 meters. It served as the headquarters of the Northern Command School of Musketry during the British administration.

Changla Gali is 16 kilometers north of the more famous Galya town of Murree in Rawalpindi District and is located in Seer Gharbi, a Union Council of Abbottabad District.

With several hotels and tourist resorts, it is Galliyat’s most popular hub for mountain tourism. Changla Gali is becoming more colorful and surprising as the Changla Gali weather improves. The town is excellent in the summer and snowy in the winter. Tourists prefer it because of the scenic splendor and tall pine trees. It is a good alternate to Murree tours.

Changla Gali

Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali often spelled Nathiagali, is a hill station and mountain resort town in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Abbottabad. It is situated in the Galyat range, which is home to several hill stations. Because of its greater height, Nathia Gali is recognized for its scenic splendor, hiking trails, and pleasant weather, which is significantly colder than the rest of the Galyat range. Both Murree and Abbottabad are around 32 kilometers (20 miles) distant.

Nathiagali’s weather is very cold, pleasant, and foggy (1 May to 31 August). Rain is forecast practically every day during the monsoon season (July to September). In autumn, the weather begins to cool due to cold winds. Winters are bitterly cold and frigid (November to February). Heavy snowfall is expected in December and January. Therefore, Murree tours Packages are famous in these months.

Nathia Gali


Ayubia’s height is almost 8,000 feet (2,400 meters) above sea level, and the area supports temperate coniferous forest, temperate broadleaf, and mixed forest ecoregion ecosystems. The seven significant villages and three little towns of Thandiani, Nathiagali, and Khanspur surround the Ayubia National Park.

The park has a temperate environment in the summers and a severe climate in the winters. While it is only moderately hot in May and June, the monsoons arrive in late July and early August, bringing them the chill. In the winter, the cold becomes increasingly severe until west winds get rain, finally turning to snow. Throughout the winter, the park is covered in snow.


Mall Road

Murree Mall Road may appear to be tacky and overcrowded, yet it is a summertime paradise for many. Murree’s cooler high altitude climate gives much-needed reprieve from the searing heat for those who have encountered temperatures of 45-50 degrees Celsius.

Mall Road is one of the main reasons tourists opt for Murree Tour Packages.

Murree is an excellent family destination because it is near Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore. For the majority of Pakistan’s population, it is one of the most accessible hill stations. Murree is exceptionally family-friendly, save from the gangs of teenaged boys that come to gaze at the girls. At night, the majority of people love strolling around Mall Road.

Mall Road

Upper Topa & Lower Topa

The Upper and Lower Topa, located at 7000 feet, are another spectacular sight to see in Murree. Furthermore, amid the sweltering summer heat, the Upper and Lower Topa provide a welcome respite for visitors. In addition, following a significant snowfall in the winter, the area was blanketed in a white blanket.

Upper Topa & Lower Topa


Bhurban is a tiny town and a hill station in Pakistan’s Punjab province. An adjacent forest is an inspiration for the vacation town’s name. It’s around 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) from Murree city.

At the height of roughly 6000 feet, Bhurban is situated between Murree and Kashmir Road. It is around a 50-kilometer drive from Islamabad, Pakistan’s federal capital.

Bhurban is a tourist attraction with diverse flora and fauna not seen anywhere else in Pakistan. The adjacent Ayubia National Park is notable for its trekking paths.

The Pearl Continental Hotel – Mount Pleasant Apartments is one of the numerous resorts in Bhurban that cater to visitors to the Murree Hills and national park. There is also a nine-hole golf course in Bhurban. The Bhurban Hill Apartments, located 2 kilometers from PC Bhurban, is another resort in Bhurban.

Book a tour to Murree Bhurban Now!



Chair Lift
Horse Riding


Murree Bhurban Honeymoon Travel Packages 2021

Now you may go on a three days Trip to Murree at the most reasonable cost. At the highest prices, our tour package also includes Beautiful Bhurban and Nathiagali. Now is the time to plan a fantastic vocational trip to Murree with Pakistan Travel Diaries Packages.

Best Murree Tour Packages 2021

Book your Murree Tour with one of our best and cheapest Murree Pakistan Holidays Tour Travel Trip packages from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Murree Bhurban Patriata. Remember to book your Pakistan Holiday Tours Travel Trips to Murree via us.

Enjoy your trip to Murree Pakistan with Pakistan Travel Diaries.

Murree Holidays Trip Packages, which you may take from Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore in 2021, offer numerous discounts.


Murree Travel Guide

Murree is a well-known Pakistani hill station. It is regarded as one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist destinations. Before visiting the lovely city of Murree, read this guide.

  • Tourist Attractions in Murree include:
  • Modern amenities at their finest
  • Hangouts for Romance
  • Weather Is Getting Cool

Expenses for our Murree trip are pretty reasonable — we never compromise on quality. Murree is only 50 kilometers from Islamabad, and two routes, the Islamabad-Murree Expressway and the Murree GT Road connect the two cities ( old road).

Murree is subjected to natural weather fluctuations. To combat them, a Motorway Police unit is stationed on both roadways to ensure Murree Valley is accessible during winter storms and snowfall days.

Murree Tour Packages include places like Patriata, a cutting-edge chair lift that operates all year long, even on snowy days.


Ayubia and Nathiagali are two characters from the world of Ayubia and Nathiagali. These locations, however, are included on our Murree Tours so that visitors may access the Galiyat region’s several beautiful Trekking trails.

Murree is home to several well-known hotels and restaurants, all of which are ready to provide tourists with world-class service. Pakistan Travel Diaries’ primary purpose is to provide the most pleasant trips possible to its customers. Many new hotels and internet cafes are springing up across Pakistan, bolstering the country’s rapidly expanding tourism economy.

Pakistan Travel Diaries provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective Murree Pakistan Tour packages. These Splendid Trips take you to different parts of the Murree district, such as Mall Road, which is always bustling with youth and serves as a focus of activity in the winter and summer.

Murree now boasts a Cineplex Cinema that shows both local and foreign films, so take advantage of the tour. Murree, as a result, offers 3G and 4G Internet access. Most importantly, hotels can accommodate every consumer, whether they are looking for luxury or a more basic experience.


Murree Tour Packages 2021 – Explore Murree at your Honeymoon.

As part of a luxury trip to Murree, our Murree budget tour packages include the following. Top Family Hotels with much more fantastic views of Murree and hot water accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The hotel’s excellent restaurant has skilled and helpful staff. For tours, we provide new, comfortable, and well-maintained automobiles. Most importantly, each of our vehicles undergoes a thorough inspection following a successful journey.

Our Best Murree Tour Guide personnel is knowledgeable and capable of appropriately guiding our clients.

However, the following are the most well-known destinations on our Murree Package Tour:

  • Changla Gali
  • Donga Gali
  • Mouskouri
  • Some famous Trekking strips in Galiyat.


How much does a trip to Murree cost?

The entire cost of your Murree tour depends on the tour package that you go for. Pakistan Travel Diaries have organized Murree Tour Packages on the website. Visit our website for more details and call us to customize your Murree Travel Package.

Is fast food available in Murree?

Yes, Of course. When you walk on Mall Road Murree you shall find many shops and hotels offering you fast foods and desi foods at reasonable prices.

How much luggage should we carry for the Murree Trip?

We advise you to carry as much luggage as you can handle easily. One dress per day for adults is enough. For example, if you have planned three days stay you can carry four dresses with you. This will be more than enough. In addition, you can

What is the best time to visit Murree?

October is the most significant month to visit Murree because of the warm and comfortable daytime temperatures and the appropriate amount of moisture in the air. The days are sunny, and the average temperature is 63°F, which is ideal for putting on your sneakers and going for a walk around Murree.

Do you offer any discounts for kids in the Murree tour packages?

Yes, we do. We have already designed Murree Tour Packages for you and can customize one for you. Concerned with the discounts, we offer 50% off for all the under eight years of age.

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